CLUB ICON SAN FRANSICO - Don't go to club Icon at San Fransico

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ok, last night my friends and I decided to go out

ok I do admit I was a bit tipsy but I still know what the heck I was doing,I approached the bartender and asked her if there was any seats available for us to sit.

she helped us to a booth in the corner and out of my love for Oscar Grant i told her we from Oakland and on his behalf Im giving her my earring out the blues this short dark black hair security comes and tell me if i dont calm down we getting kicked out!

i was pist misunderstood! then when i asked for a business card this *** head didnt give it i was pist!

Review about: Security.



It appears you should wait a few more hours to reflect on last night’s activities.

Your post reads like you are still under the influence and possibly lack writing skills so vital to function in today’s society.

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